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Sale on favorite patterns

- a list of my favorite Itch to Stitch makes-

by Elsa

*This article may contain affiliate links.

Most of the garments I show here are from the same designer, namely Kennis from Itch to Stitch*.

They are perfect in myopinion because they are well-drfated, they offer a wide range of sizes (US 00 to 40, except on the oldest patterns), and there are cup sizes or integrated FBA.

Here are my favorites, but I did sew a lot of them so feel free to check them by typing “Itch to Stitch” in the Search bar!

Knit tops

Statement sleeves for the Busan* (article)

You can mix some tops as well! Hepburn* + Busan* for the win.

A square neckline and raglan sleeves for Islares* (article).

Or the front cut-out of the Brisbane* (article)

Woven tops

In love with Galicia* and its (optional) fish-eye darts ( poplin or viscose challis)

How could I forget the lovely Bonn* with its stand-up collar (that I sewed 3 times)? (article)

Bonn shirt, La Casa Cactus

Or the loose-fitting Mila* (article)

Mila shirt-Itch to Stitch, La Casa Cactus

My lumberjack shirt i.e. the Montana* (article)

Montana shirt, La Casa Cactus


These are more technical garments, but the awesome instructions walk you through all the technicalities with ease.

You’ll be so proud of yourself!

I sewed 2 Lagan coats* (teal Lagan and grey Lagan ).

My all-time favorite: My Pikachu…NO…Winterthur* jacket (article ).

For mid-season, the sleeveless Envigado* (article)

Envigado Vest, La Casa Cactus

Or this denim-inspired Atenas* (article ).

Atenas Jacket, La Casa Cactus

Last, but not leats, the reversible Causeway* (article)

Causeway Bomber Itch To Stitch, La Casa Cactus

PJ’s and cozyness

I’m not ashamed to say that I sewed the Pine Cove PJ’s* pattern 4 times. Yes, 4 times…!

And the easiest of easiest: the cozy Castillo* cardigan (article).

Here are just some examples of the fabulous ITS patterns*. You can also sew pants, skirts, shorts, etc.

And did I benefit from the awesome sale?

I DID and indulged in buying the Andes* jacket and the Cantabria* dress.


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