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Java, the large travel bag

-Part 2 of the Luggage set-

by Elsa

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Java, the epitome of the travel bag

When you buy the Java pattern, you have 3 bag sizes included in your purchase. The Medium can be used as a carry-on on (most) of the air companies (always check, never take that for granted).

The base of the bag is rectangual and it has cute folded little corners at the top.

The main compartment has a zippered pocket sewn on the lining on one side and a patch pocket on the other side.Two slanted outer pockets complement the look of the Java bag.

Because of the various cuts for the various pieces, you can easily mix and match fabrics. Which I didn’t do since I had instructions from my daughter: “Rose gold”…!

A rose gold Java

When going on week-ends at her friends’, my daughter used to travel with a very old raggedy bag. I took the opportunity of being an Minerva Brand Ambassador and ordered this gorgeous rose gold textured faux leather to sew her a new travel bag.

This is the Large size and you can see how large it is!

You will need a poerful sewing machine, especially when sewing the top corners. My Janome 6700P had some skipped stitches due to the thickness of the multiple layers.

I wanted to store this bag flat so I didn’t add neither interfacing nor foam on the outer shell.

On the contrary, the base of the bag is sturdy. I made a sandwich of foam*, Bouncyfirm 210, and Decovil. Screwing the purse feet on was hard!

Hardware is from Serial Bag Makers, I love the wide range of colors Anne has.

Look at the whole set. Isn’t it cute?


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