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My linen ankle-length Quebrada skirt

- a pattern by Itch to Stitch-

by Elsa

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The Quebrada pattern

Once again, here I am testing one of Itch to Stitch’s patterns*. I don’t want to be cured from this addiction!

Quebrada* is a panelled skirt pattern. It’s a layered PDF pattern with sizes ranging from US00 to 40.

Two lengths are included (knee and ankle lengths), but you can customize the length since there are shorten/lengthen lines.

The skirt features 5 panels at the front and 6 at the back. The shape is slightly flared (it’s not A-line).

All of the seams are topstitched.

A centred back zipper and a hook and eye keep the skirt closed.

No added waistband, but a facing on the inside. I love how sleek a look it gives to the waistline.

The facing is tacked in place thanks to stitching in the ditch on all the seam lines.

Navy-blue linen blend

I knew exactly what I wanted: some linen.

This fabric probably comes from The Fabric Baron (I’m not sure). It’s medium-weight and it has a lovely drape.

I cut a size 8 for the waist graded to 10 for the hips. The waistline is reinforced with a length of twill between skirt and facing. The weight of the ankle-length skirt could drag the skirt down overtime. Adding the twill tape will prevent any sagging at the waist.

Sewing the zipper is straightforward. You may install an invisible zipper if you’re a more advanced semastress. The hook and eye prevents the slider to drop.

No length modification (I’m 5’4″).

I paired it with my Islares top* and I love the classical look it gives (you can see the Islares paired with denims here). Effortlessly chic!

Personal opinion

  • If you’re looking for an easy skirt
  • If you’re a fan of upcycling
  • Really easy to sew, many different notches to match to prevent any mismatching of pattern pieces that look similar (but are not!)


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