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Volte anti-theft backpack

- Part 1 of The Luggage Set-

by Elsa

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One pattern, Two sizes

Volte is an anti-theft backpack. That means that the zipper is not easily accessible since it’s against your back.

Crédit Sacôtin

That’s a sleek square design, with curved corners at the top and a flat boxed base.

A large compartment with a patch pocket makes the inside of the bag.

Two sizes are available: Small and Medium.

This pattern is perfect for mixing and matching fabrics and textures.

It’s sold with a zippered pouch pattern.

Crédit: Sacôtin

Un Volte full of beans

Rose gold everywhere

I went with rose gold only. This textured faux leather is also available in 17 other colours.

It’s part of the Minerva Core Range fabrics and the quality is excellent.

All of the hardware comes from Serial Bag Makers. I had a hard time choosing the right zipper tape colour. Ultimately, I went with Elephant Grey because it was one of the rare colours that had #3 and #5 zippers available.

Serial Bag Makers’ website is a gold mine, but it adds up quick!

A Small Volte

I cut a Small Volte and there’s enough space for passport, make-up, the pouch, etc.

Sewing Volte is relatively easy IF you have a powerful machine than handles thick fabrics and foam.

The faux leather is heavy, but that’s foam that gives the bag structure.

The zippered pouch is large enough for make-up, comb, etc.

A convertible bag

You can add D-rings at the top of the bag to wear it over one shoulder or cross-body.

I didn’t add the rings for 2 reasons:

  1. I had no use of a convertible bag. The backpack was enough for me.
  2. I forgot to order the swivem hppks TWICE! So I had 2 extra D-rings and I slightly changed the order of construction and that makes my straps non-convertible.

Tips for sewing faux leather

With heavy fabric like faux leather, a denim size 100 (even 110) is compulsory. DO NOT use a leather needle: it punctures the fabric and would leave big holes.

A walking foot really helped when topstitching. It fed the fabric beautifully under the needle.

Unpicking is a big NO-NO, unless you want holes in your fabric.

Same, prefer using clips instead of pins and clip INTO the seam allowance. When you have many layers, even the clip can leave marks on the fabric.

Double-sided tape is really useful, but check that you won’t sew through it. Otherwise, your needle will be covered in glu.

Are you ready for Part 2 of the shiny luggage set???


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