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My first Celeste top-down sweater

- a pattern by Petite Knit-

by Elsa

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Celeste, Petite Knit

The colorwork immediatly drew my eyes. I had only knitted stranded colors on the famous baable hats. I was ambitious and, if I failed, I could un-knit.

The sizing is a bit vague too vague to my taste. I’m used to very precise measurements charts with sewing. I used my measuring tape, the finished measurement, and I crossed my fingers that choosing a size M would be the right choice.

A top-down sweater is knitted from the collar to the hem. I much prefer than from the bottom to the top because it’s easier to adjust for shorter-than-normal torso.

I learnt so much while knitting this sweater. Double-knitting for the ends, Italian cast-on, and cast-off, stranded colorwork, etc.

I had a few convos with Youtube to teach me some of these techniques. If you like, I could add the videos that helped me.

Yarn for my Celeste

For a first and being really bad at pairing colors, I followed one of the sweaters’ colors.

The sample work was knitted in Sandnes Garn Peer Gynt, but it was a bit too expensive for my beginner’s project. I can indukge in high-end fabrics because I’m pretty confident in my sewing ability, but I’m not confident enough in my knitting skills.

I found this awesome website, Yarnsub, that shows you how to substitute yarns.

I chose Drops Karisma from a French e-shop, Kalidou. I paid 32 euros, shipping included, for my yarn.

I already had the circular needles, the equivalent of this set: “Melody of Life”.

My swatch was perfect with size 4 for stockinette (3.5 for ribbing and 4.5 for colorwork).

The colors were:

  • Off-white 01 for MC (x 7, for a size M)
  • Beige brown 54 (x 1)
  • Anthracite 53 (x 1)
  • Light beige brown 53 (x 1)
  • Dark brown 56 (x 1)

First ever top-down sweater!

I’m a continental knitter thus holding my CC yarn on the left hand. When doing colorwork, I hold my MC on the right hand and I knit it English-style. It’s a bit slower, but I enjoy the process.

I was so afraid of the stranded color to be too tight that it’s a bit too loose! I’ll do better next time.

I tried my best to rememebr the dominant color technique, but I had some mishaps.

Picking up stitches for the underarms was…exciting! I tried two methods to prevent ugly gaps from the under sleeves. The first was OK, but the second was amazing. That means that one of my under-arms has some tiny noticeable gaps, but who will check there???

I also played with how I could hold my working yarn for speed, efficiency, etc. I also tried my hand at the Norwegian purl. It’s a great way not to have to switch your yarn to the front when doing 1×1 ribs, but my Norwegain purl was way too loose to my taste. I need to tighen it if I want to carry on knitting my purl stitch this way.

I enjoyed knitting this Celeste sweater so much that I already have a second one on my knitting needles.

It really opened my mind to a whole new world of crafting and I enjoy the slow-pace.


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