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Baa-Ble Hat (S!)

by Elsa
Baa-ble Hat

Since I saw this hat on Pinterest, I had in mind that, one day, I would knit it. But I’m a newbie in knitting, having only knitted socks for the past year.

But this hat…so I took the plunge and bought the pattern on Ravelry and ordered some Drops Nepal yarn (Kalidou is a great French website with lovely yarns at great prices). i used a pompom thingy from Aliexpress: quick and efficient!

The first one was for Miss G. I knitted everything with a size 4.5mm. A bit tight, but perfect for my daughter’s head.

I used the following colours: White/ Black/ Medium Grey/ Medium Brown

Baa-ble Hat

Once the first one was done, my fingers were keen on going back to work!!! Such an easy pattern to follow and stranded knitting is rather easy.

This time I used 4.5mm needles for the ribs and 5mm for the crown.

I love purple so I used White/Black/ Purple/Light Grey (it really looks like a light beige in my opinion)

Baa-ble Hat

Sheepish sheep!!!!

Baa-ble Hat

You won’t be surprised if I tell you that a third one is already on my needles, will you???

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