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Her Tiffin lunch bag

- a pattern by RLR Creations-

by Elsa

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The Tiffin pattern

The pattern* includes the child and adult sizes. You have 2 compartments and one zippered pocket.

The lining should be waterproof or, at least , washable. The outer fabric can be anything, since it will be interfaced.

I didn’t need any interfacing since I chose heavy canva made of plastic and my insulated fabric was stiff enough to get the bag stand by itself!


Tip: use a tiny stapler inside the seam allowance to get all your layers aligned, especially in the curves.

Look at it!

The lining is a scrap from my daughter’s kiddy blouse! She’ll be 18 next year…Yes, I do keep fabrics…!

Trendy, usueful, but a bit tricky to sew!

How is it that a lot of designers have great patterns, but poor instructions?

I just had to print 2 pieces and trace the others.

But I couldn’t print my 2 pieces properly.

I was missing some cms on each piece, hence puckers at the curves.

It might not be the best-looking lunch bag, but it does the job.

Zipper by the yard and zipper pulls are Serial Bag Makers’. I love their products and they’re available through the French shop La Mercerie des Créateurs (I try to order from them because shipping is less expensive, but they don’t have the whole range avialabe at Serial Bag Makers’).

I found the zippered pocket useless because once you put your meal boxes in the bag, it’s full and you can’t put a thing inside the pocket. So you can skip it.

Personal opinion

It wasn’t smooth sailing sewing this bag, so I don’t know if I would recommend this pattern.

It’s full of potential, but I really couldn’t print the pieces properly (and God knows how many PDF patterns I’ve printed over the last years).

The curves were tricky to sew without puckers.

But what matters is that my daughter is really happy with her lunch bag.


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