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Cadence, her new school bag

-a pattern by Sacôtin-

by Elsa

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The Cadence city bag

Cadence is a zippered city bag avalaible in two sizes, medium and large.

2 front patch pockets with magnetic snaps (you can’t see them, but they are rainbow!):

…one large zippered back pocket:

A zippered pocket and 2 patch pockets are inside the compartment.

The Large cadence can easily fits a 12″ laptop, notebook, pencil case, and all of the things a teenage girl can have in her school bag (think…make-up paraphernalia):

Black and rainbow

For once, choosing the fabrics was made easy since she wanted the exact same fabrics as one of the pattern testers did!

I bought the faux leathers, rainbow zipper by the yard, and hardware kit on La Mercerie des Créateurs’ website.

I wanted a bag that would hold really well. I had already used the faux leathers for her Complice wallet and found them too soft.

I opted to order some Bouncyfirm from Serial Bag Makers. I bought the 160 and 210 types.

Pros and cons of Bouncyfirm

I pressed each Bouncyform type on a sample of each faux leather. I own a rather old steam iron and a basic ironing board. Bouncyfirm 160, as well as 210, was perfectly fused on each sample and held well when rolled.

However, on the bag’s larger pieces, the interfacing wouldn’t hold well. I was really disappointed and ended up stitching it in the seam allowance and trimmed it. I think a steam press would have helped.


When I birthed the bag for the first time, I was really happy to see how it stood up nice and tall! Alas, I misplaced the lining (the zipper of the lining was contrary to the main zipper…dumb me). When I birthed the bag a second tipe, creases appeared.

All in all, Bouncyfirm is a good sturdy interfacing, but needs a steam press and only one birthing!

Other interfacings I used

The front patch pockets were interfaced with fusible fleece.

The lining, a cotton poplin, was interfaced with G700.

I wanted a really hard bag bottom. I used both Bouncyfirm 210 AND Decovil. There shouldn’t be any sagging overtime.

Her Cadence bag

I like this bag a lot. But I found it more difficult than, say, my own Carioca.

Aren’t the zipper pulls cute? They come from Serial Bag Makers and are available in mutiple sizes, shapes, and colors.

She loves her bag. So much that she adopted it as her city handbag!!!

Well, I’m happy ti have sewn something that she will use and it pairs with her Complice wallet.


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