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A sparkling blue Compere wallet

- a pattern by Sacôtin-

by Elsa

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Smaller, but with many features

This pattern looks like a mine version of the bigger Complice wallet pattern.

It’s smaller, but offers 2 sizes nonetheless.

The medium size allows a French passport to be slid inside one of the pockets. That’s why we chose the medium size (15 cm by 10.5 cm).

There’s a coin pocket closed by a zipper, 3 card slots, a plastic flap and patch pockets.

You can put a snap on a tab to maintain it closed.

Sparkling blue Compere

I had everything in my stash so my daughter shopped there!

She chose some lurex glitter faux leather I had already used for her Biguine bag and some poplin I got from The Fabric baron (it was included in their former mega mystery box, now the super box).

Since the main fabric was stiff, i didn’t interface it. The lining was interfaced with G700. I had some blue Kam snap, I cut a zipper I already had, and I also had some clear plastic on hand.

The size of this compere is better for her, but she also kept her Complice!

Here are the two wallets side by side:

Compere is quicker to sew than Complice. They do not have the same goal, in my opinion, Complice being more “grown-up'” and accomodates more cards+ a checkbook.

Tips for sewing the clear plastic flap

Clear plastic is not easy to manipulate!

Here are a few tips:

  • slide some fabric scrap / silk paper underneath, to the stitch line, to prevent the plastic to stick to the machine.
  • No unpicking!
  • If your plastic is too stiff or creased, use your hairdryer. No ironing!

Perfect gift

Compere is a cute gift. It’s not a fabric hog and can hold the money given for Christmas or a birthday. It would be perfect for young people aged 8-12.

Well, now, let me go and hover the blue glitter it shed everywhere!



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