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A Biguine zippered tote bag

-A pattern by Sacôtin-

by Elsa

Biguine, with its lovely front stripes, is a pattern by Sacôtin, I was really eager to sew! You may remember my first Sacôtin bag. The experience was so enjoyable that I couldn’t wait to sew another bag (I also sewed a toiletry bag in the middle!).

Biguine-Sacôtin, La Casa Cactus

I’m always a bit afraid when reading the instructions for the first time, but once everything has been cut, it’s such a pleasure sewing them together and create the bag of my (well…HER) dreams.

Biguine, a zippered tote bag

This pattern is visually pleasing with its large stripes on the front pockets. Available in Medium and Large size (the pattern includes both sizes in the purchase), it’s a great way to make a tote bag that is striking.

The inside is full of pockets either zippered pockets or bellows pocket. Soem space to get things organized!

Here’s a short video because it was tricky to shoot the inside of the bag:

Sparkles everywhere!

I knew I could skip the main feature of the bag i.e. the stripes. First I found the black faux leather then the Lurex blue faux leather.The lining is a a bright yellow poplin by Art Gallery Fabrics. All of the fabrics wre gifted by Minerva in exchange from a blogpost on their website (you can read it here).

Everything was cut using a rotary cutter. I also labelled each piece with a chalk pencil. No pins, just clips.

The designer’s instructions were thorough as usual. She advised to use a size 100 Denim needle, but I made do with a size 90 Denim. It’s highly mportant to lengthen your stitch length when sewing faux leather.

I also used my narrow walking foot to prevent the leather from sticking.

I should have used some foam behing the black faux leather  because it’s really soft and lightweight.

The Mercerie des Créateurs has a hardware kit available for all of the Sacôtin patterns. It’s so useful. Otherwise, you can buy each piece in any good haberdashery.

Biguine-Sacôtin, La Casa Cactus

The medium size seems to be perfect for her!

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