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The Carioca handbag

-a pattern by Sacôtin-

by Elsa

I’m back, after having lost of my ‘sew-jo’. That’s not  a problem, sewing is a hobby and never feel compelled to go to your crafts room if you don’t feel like it.

But I’m back with the cutest newest bagCarioca, from Sacotin.

I had so much fun using caps, sewn-in foam, etc.

The Carioca pattern

Carioca is a city handbag full of inner pockets.

Two sozes are available: Small and Medium.

Let’s see MY bag.

Brocade and faux leather

My Polka bag was great but started to become too small. The Small Carioca seemed to be the best size for me.

I still had some faux black snaksking leather from my Biguine bag and I thought that adding some Lurex brocade in cherry would be nice and cute. 

I had found the faux leather too flimsy for my first bag so I decided to use some sewn-in foam for a sturdier look.

I also block-fused the brocade because it was fraying like mad.

Hardware comes from La Mercerie des Createurs, in gun color.

The lining is chrrey poplin (very very pink, no Photoshop here!).


Not really. The lining was a bit more difficult because of the sheer number of pieces to assemble.

The faux leather was sewn using a size 100 Denim needle, with increased stitch length (3.5 for assembling and 4 for topstitching).

Installing double-cap rivets was fun! It’s as if you installed Kam snaps. Really easy and it looks so much more professional.

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