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Cute pandas for her Pine Cove PJ’s

-Itch to Stitch-

by Elsa
Pine Cove Pj's, La Casa Cactus

The Pine Cove pattern is by far my favorite woven PJ’s pattern. It’s the fourth one I made and the second for my daughter (mine are documented here for flannel and there for charmeuse; hers in satin is here).

I’m slowly replacing our store-bought PJ’s by homemade. That’s always fun to have outfits that are your size and made in nice fabrics.

The Pine Cove pattern

If you’re new here, this is a pattern designed by Itch to Stitch.

It’s made of a wrap top, closed by two pairs of ties.

There’s one pocket on the outside front top and 2 slits at the sides.

Pine Cove PJ's, La Casa Cactus

The pants are loose-fitting and the waistband is elasticated.

Since the pattern was drafted for persons whose height is 168 cm and she’s only 152 cm, I had to chop quite a bit throughout both top and pants.

I cut the top at the neckline and below the armhole.

Pine Cove Pj's, La Casa Cactus

I also determined the ration between the height of the pocket and the height of the top and I diminished the new pocket according to that ratio to have a better visual effect. I also lowered that pocket a bit.

I preferred sewing a muslin of the pants to assess where she would need alterations. The crotch area was fine to my utmost surprise. I was then just length that had to go. I chopped 12 cm…!

Cute little pandas

I had already done all the alterations on her first Pine Cove set, so that was quick. I cut into this Robert Kaufman flannel she chose herself in the “Cuddly Crew” collection.

Robert Kaufman brushed cotton flannel

VERY important: this pattern is a fabric hog and Robert Kaufman fabrics’ width is only 110 cm. I managed to cut the back on fold for the size 00, but if you’re over a size 0, you will either need to cut 2 back pieces (+ added seam allowance) or find a fabric with a wider width (at least 140 cm).

Since I had modified th neckline length, I really didn’t know what length the band should be. I used the well-known trial-and-error process: I pinned the first band from the bottom to the center back, left the seam allowance, did the same on the other side, joined the center back, sewed it and repeated for the inner bands. Probably not the best method, but it worked beautifully.

Pine Cove Pj's, La Casa Cactus

Eveyrhing else has been sewn per the instructions.

This pattern is a staple, I can’t think of any other as well-drafted as this one.

Il’ll just have to tag theses PJ’s and they will go to baording school with her next September.

Pattern: Pine Cove

Fabric: flannel

Notions: elastic and Vilene G700

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