The Pine Cove Pajamas

by Elsa
Pine Cove-Itch to Stitch, La Casa Cactus

I think I’m ready to hibernate! 2 PJ sewn in 2 weeks. If the first one was footed PJ’s, this one is much more classical. The Pine Cove Pajamas have been designed by Kennis Wong (Itch to Stitch).

Pine Cove-Itch to Stitch, La Casa Cactus

This is a rather beginner-friendly pattern, but it’s a fabric hog! Hence my two-fabric Pine Cove.

The Pine Cove Pajamas pattern

Times have been tough lately. So I really need some comfy garments that bring a smile on my face.

The top is a wrap with ties (inside+ outside). The pants are loose, with an elasticized waist.

Nothing tricky there, which is great, but I would advise to be really careful when transferring the markings for the collar band.

Pine Cove-Itch to Stitch, La Casa Cactus

I love the topstitching lines on the waist elastic. No fear of twisted elastic in the future! 

My fancy pajamas

This charmeuse is from Minerva. The teal color, that has a subtle green hue, attracted me. I knew that it would become PJ’s so I ordered 3 m, being quite certain that I would have enough for the project I had in mind.

Alas, when the call for testers came, I had a shock when I read that for a size 10, I would need 4m20 of fabric…

So long, charmeuse PJ’s. Time for Plan B.

Pine Cove-Itch to Stitch, La Casa CactusFortunately for me, I had this printed fabric that had been waiting for a few months on my shelves. Once again, it was for a project, but once in hands, it didn’t have the right feel for that particular project. However, it worked great with the charmeuse.

Pine Cove-Itch to Stitch, La Casa Cactus

The poplin being a bit stiff entailed the choice of charmeuse for the collar band. Since this is a rather slippery fabric, I used a fair bit of Wondertape.

You can’t see it, but ther’s a pocket on the right side and 2 slits at the bottom of the top.

Pine Cove-Itch to Stitch, La Casa Cactus


So, are you convinced? Will you indulge into some fancy pajamas?

Pattern: Pine Cove Pajamas

Fabrics: charmeuse and poplin

Notions: Wondertape

#itchtostitch #pinecove #minervamakers

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