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A onesie for me!

by Elsa
Grenouillère Jalie, La Casa Cactus

I’m not ashamed at all to have sewn footed pajamas for me. Right, without the ‘footed’ part, I d’ont want to break a bone or else!

You see them everywhere. My daughter loes her BeGummies, my husband and teenage son have one. I was the last one in the family without my PJ’s.

Now, I belong to the club!

Footed PJ’s or Onesie!

I already had bought Jalie 3244. This pattern, as well as the other Jalie patterns, cover a wide range of sizes, from 12M to curvy. Last year, I had already sewn Jalie PJ’s, but much more classical. 2020 asks for something cosier, right?

This pattern is intended for fabrics that have a little stretch. I got this sweater fleece knit free from Minerva (in exchange for an article on their new website). It’s extremely sift and fuzzy on the inside. The percentage of stretch is indicated and that’s really great when you order online.

I ordered ribbing from Ma Petite Mercerie for the neckband and cuffs, but I don’t know, I didn’t order enough. Thankfully for me, I also had ordered this knit and it worked perfectly both in terms of stretch and color.

Grenouillère Jalie, La Casa Cactus

The long zipper is also from Ma Petite Mercerie. The pattern asks for a long one and the 55 cm are well-used when it comes to go in and out of the onesie without too much wiggling!

Alterations on my onesie

The most important measurement is the torso length in my opinion. It will condition the fit of the onesie.

I chose a size X, based on my bust and hips measurements. Then, the torso measurement showed that I needed to take 2.5 cm at the first shorten line and 4 cm at the second line.

It’s really easy to alter the pattern and the instructions are also printed on the pattern pieces. Very convenient.

Grenouillère Jalie, La Casa Cactus

I used some Wondertape to glu-baste my zipper in place. I placed it on the fabric first, without stretching the fabric. The tape acted as interfacing and the fabric didn’t get stretched while sewing.

It was my first project with my new Janome 6700P and the thin zipper foot is great. I will talk more about my 6700P in another article later.

I sometimes changed the order of the steps. I sewed the zipper as soon as my front crotch was sewn.

The way the neckband was sewn let the seam allowances be visible. I simply sewed  twill tape on them. The twill tapes come in a handful of colors.

Grenouillère Jalie, La Casa Cactus

Something that baffled me nonetheless

I found that front and back crotch were the same. Leg+part bust is taped to 2 different shoulder pieces for front and back. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one needing more room in the back…

EDIT: after having worn that onesie for a few nights, there’s no trouble with the crotch. But that’s better to warn you about that feature.


Have you already sewn a onesie for you?

Pattern: Footed pajamas-3244

Fabrics: sweater fleece knit and cotton knit

Notions: 55 cm zipper and Wondertape

#jalie3244 #minervamakers #6700P

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