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Seventies vibes for a RuLo top

by Elsa

A pattern I had bought last year for Miss G, some beautiful fabric sent by Minerva…A RuLo top for me!

When I saw that fabric, a floral textured knit, I immediatly thought “Seventies” “BoHo” “Peace and Love”.

And off I went with sewing my Rulo, but with some modifications.

The RuLo Top pattern

G+G patterns offer so many variations it’s hard to choose ! The Rulo top has various lengths and types of sleeves.

This plethora of choices was already present in the Mix It Up pattern (2019 black dress and floral MIU) and the Campfire Set (see my jumpsuit).

RuLo top, La Casa Cactus

These patterns are really worth the money since you can achieve so many garments out of one purchase.

RuLo and textured knit

As a member of the Minerva Makers, I received this textured knit for free. It looks like a waffle knit, but slightly less textured. No real need for ironing…!

Since the flowers were a bit psychedelic to me, I immediatly thought about a BoHo style of Rulo, with trumpet sleeves.

After having pre-washed it, I found the fabric to be a bit see-through. Hence the idea of a double-layer top, with the crop length over the tunic length.

Alterations and sewing steps

With a double-layer top, you need to alter the sewing steps.

But first, I modified the back to account for my narrow shoulders. I also shortened the total length.

The sewing steps were modified a bit:

  1. I stitched the crop top shoulders right sides together, but the shoulders of the tunic were sewn WRONG SIDES TOGETHER.
  2. I did a rolled hem on both of my tops and sleeves.
  3. With right sides together, I stitched the tops at the neckline. Then, I understitched the neckline. 

    Understitching: stitching the seam allowance to the lining, as close to the seam line as possible. It will prevent the lining from showing on the right side.

  4. I sewed the side seams of each top independently.
  5. I stitched the sides of the sleeves and set them in.

Nothing really tricky, you see. The sleeves are not sewn flat and there’s no neckband. As a consequence, the neckline is lower, but it’s no big deal.

My lovely RuLo

Pattern and fabric work well together, I think.

Since this knit is lightweight, it has the right weight for the drape of both layers and trumpet sleeves (my favorite feature!).

I used 3 threads for the rolled hem: white and grey woolly nylon along with blue variegated thread. Do not forget to take into account the fact that you won’t have a double-fold hem when assessing the length. You may need to shorten more.

RuLo top, La Casa Cactus

Pattern: RuLo Top

Fabric: multicoloured textured knit


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