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A new Mix It Up dress

by Elsa
Mix It Up scuba floral, La Casa cactus

Oh, I hadn’t sewn a dress for a while! Because I knew which pattern was perfect, I used the pattern from my little black dress, the Mix It Up by George+Ginger (MIU in short).

A scuba MIU

Same necklines as the other, front being the Leaf and back, the Horseshoe. I really hesitated between the necklines, but these ones were already cut and adjusted. Next time! When you sew your first MIU, you just want to test all the other necklines and lengths.

Mix It Up scuba floral, La Casa cactus

I had never used scuba before. I’m so lucky to belong the the Minerva Makers group and I managed to choose an awesome fabric from the impressive list of fabrics available on the Minerva website. Because I didn’t know what scuba was, I decided to give it a try. my scuba fabric is a wonderful floral on a black background. My fist intention was to sew a La Paz blazer because I thought thta scuba was thick, something like neopren! But it’s not: it’s lightweight and flowy. So a dress was in order and I knew what pattern I would use.

Mix It Up scuba floral, La Casa cactus

Since I had already sewn 3 summer dresses (2 Kews and another MIU), I opted to sew a long sleeve MIU.

“And yet it moves!”

This scuba has a beautiful drape, it’s lighweight, it flows in the breeze, kind-of-Marilyn like!!! I need to put cents in the hem to prevent flashing my undies!!!

I didn’t expect scuba to have such a great shaper effect! And it also has an impressive push-up effect! No need for a Wonderbra. I was wearing one of my handmade Marlboroughs here, no push-up bra. You are warned lol!

Tip: I sewed bra strap holders. The straps are thus invisible from the outside. I used Kennis’ tutorial.

Mix It Up scuba floral, La Casa cactus

This dress pattern is clearly a winner and a staple in my wardrobe. I really need to print and cut all of the neckline options to have them on hand when I decide to sew a knit dress. It’s a very fast sew and so rewarding.

Mix It Up scuba floral, La Casa cactus

Some of the colors of the fabric:

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