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Plaid and PJ’s

by Elsa

I loved my first Pine Cove so much that I sewed another one, but instead of charmeuse, I used plaid flannel…and it’s sooo cosy. 

The Pine Cove pattern

I had written about my first Pine Cove in charmeuse and poplin. Here it is now in all its flannel glory. I love the thin golden lurex thread that defines some of the checks.

No need to say I was more than happy when Mondial Tissus gave me this fabric in exchange for an article!

This pattern being a fabric hog, I needed no less than 4 m 50 for this Pine Cove. The wrap top takes most of the fabric and since I also added the ‘plaid factor’, I really needed that length. 


Plaid…and plaid matching!

Plaid, stripes, and I are not the best friends in the sewing world. Matching plaid and/or stripes is just a nightmare for me.

But I decided to give it a go. I didn’t want to spoil such a beautiful fabric.

I pinned my fabric regularly, matching corners and lines as best as I could.

This flannel was rather tricky to sew with so I sprayed some starch on it while plaid-matching and it went way better after that.

My cosy lightweight Pine Cove

This pattern is perfect in my opinion. It’s just great and I already have other Pine Coves lined up (for me and others).

It says a lot about the quality of it since I rarely sew a pattern more than twice.


The collar is the part that requires to be a bit more focussed, but otherwise, this is not a difficult pattern.

The pants are the most comfy PJ/lounge pants I’ve ever had. I plan to use the pants pattern to add to my collection of loungewear bottoms!

I hope that i convinced you to sew your own flannel PJ’s, either a Jalie classic as I did last year or this one!


Pattern: Pine Cove Pajamas

Fabric: Lightweight flannel

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