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How to interface and finish a facing easily

by Elsa
Tuto parementure entoilée

I’ve always wanted to show you how I interface and finish my facing on woven garments.

This tutorial is based on the Ethel blouse (pm-patterns) with the jewel neckline and I used Vilene G700 as interfacing. This is a pattern I’ve already sewn for my daughter so it was rather easy.

If you prefer watching videos, it’s available at the end of this article.

Cutting fabric and interfacing

You will cut your fabric and interfacing as stated in the instructions.


Sewing the facings

The process will change from now on.

You will sew the fabric facing.

But you will also sew an interfacing facing.

Press the seams open on the fabric facing, but, obviously, finger-press the interfacing.

Sewing the facings together

Place the right side of the fabric interfacing agains the right side of the interfacing facing (this is the side with no glue on it).

Sttitch at 0.5 cm from the outer edge.

Because of the curve, you may want to snip inside the seam allowance.

Flip the seam allowance towards the interfacing.

Stitch that seam allowance on the interfacing. That’s called UNDERSTITCHING. You will stitch at 2-3 mm from the stitching line you made.

Fusing the interfacing

Now, press the wrong sides together; The glue side of the interfacing will be against the wrong side of the fabric facing.

Here’s the end result on her Ethel Blouse #1.


Admire your work!

You’re done! You have interfaced and finished your facing.

I find that it’s not as thick as hemming and it’s nicer than simply overcasting/ serging the edge.

The video tutorial:

I hope you enjoy this tutorial. Try it next time you have a facing.

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