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New onesie pajamas

by Elsa

I think my old pajamas have all been replcaed by new, handmade ones.

The latest make is a new onesie by Jalie, in a more lightweight fabric.

Jalie onesie 3244

Jalie’s onesie (or ‘footed pajamas’)

Jalie has great patterns for PJ’s either classical or onesie-type, as well as Itch to Stitch with its famous Pine Cove (that I’ve already sewn twice: one is in charmeuse, the other in plaid flannel).

You may wonder why I’ve sewn  sewed so many PJ’s over the last few months??? Well reason #1 was I had the opportunity to and reason #2 is DID YOU SEE 2020??? I really needed cosy comfy stuff instead of diving into the cupboard lookinf for chocolate. But I’ve also sewn workout attires…

Since I had already sewn this pattern, it was easy.

Fabrics and modifications

I used fleece sweatshirt knit for the sleeves I had left from my first onesie. It was just enough for two sleeves…and I managed to cut one sleeve the wrong way: the flower stem goes upwards…

Cotton jersey was a great choice for the rest of the pattern. But I played Tetris a bit with what I had left. I pivoted my fabric to accomodate the long pattern pieces. I could do that because this cotton jersey had a 4- way stretch.

Cuffs and neckband are made in ribbing, which wasn’t wide enough..;so a bit of seam allowance and I cut 4 pieces instead of 2.

In the end, I sewed a Frankenstein-ized onesie with bits of various fabrics. i’m happy to have finished them by the way. More space for more fabrics!

And I now have a new comfy onesie.

Well, do you think that I will stop sewing PJ’s for the rest of 2021???

Pattern: Jalie 3244

Fabrics: fleece sweatshirt knit and cotton jersey

Notions: non-separable zipper – 55 cm and ‘peach’ ribbing


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