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The Complice wallet

- a pattern by Sacôtin-

by Elsa

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The Complice wallet pattern

Each of Vero’s patterns is full of techniques. This time, I learnt about sewing gussets.

This wallet has numerous card slots, pockets (either zippered or not), checkbook space, etc.

Many pieces to cut, trust me!

A rotary cutter is a good way to quicken the process of cutting since bag pieces are usually rectangles. I use this (old) Fiskars cutter and this tiny Prym one*.

You can even add some rings at the sides to transform it into a nice night-out bag.

Faux leather Complice

Some options are available for the front so I did F1-F2-F1 with 2 of the faux leathers I had.

You have a preview of some of the fabrics I used for her new school bag!


I fused Vliseline G700 on the lining. This fusible interfacing was perfect to add some body to the poplin.

I pondered whether adding some Bouncyfirm 160 to the faux leathers, but I feared making the wallet too firm. I should have: these faux leathers are rather soft.


Lining is purple poplin from Ma Petite Mercerie whereas the faux leathers come from La Mercerie des Créateurs.


The last topstitching line was by far the trickiest, even with my Janome 6700P.

Before topstitching, I pressed my whole wallet under heavy dictionaries for 24 hours!

I used the narrow Accufeed foot, with the needle on the far left to avoid the many layers of the gusset.

The needle was a Leather size 100, with a stitch  length set at 3.5 and I was sewing really slowly. Thread was polyester (normal weight).

Here are all the feet and plates I used for my Janome 6700P:

  • HP foot and plate for sewing the faux leathers
  • Wide accufeed foot for topstitching
  • Narrow accufeed foot for the final topstitching.


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