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A fluffy Castillo cardigan

- a pattern by Itch to Stitch-

by Elsa

The castillo cardigan

It’s one of ITS pattern that doesn’t have the extended size range. That means it goes from US 00 to 20 only.

No technical difficulties, which is great since I had just finished the Lagan coat. You won’t have to sew a lining or add a closure.

The cardigan features raglan sleeves with a dart at the curve of the shoulder. I love this dart, it makes fitting the raglan easier.

You can sew patch pockets and there are side slits as well.

Castillo a mid-thigh cardigan.

Cozy sherpa

It sounds nice, right?

I wanted a quick sew after having sewn a bag and a coat. Something easy and rewarding.

Castillo* paired with this grey sherpa* sounded perfect…

Let be honest: I almast did by sherpa! It’s tricky to cut, serger and sewing machine threw fits, and it wasn’t as peaceful a project as I had imagined.


I opted to trim the sherpa inside the seam allowances to sew. My sewing room looked like a dog’s groomer room after trimming a poodle!

I couldn’t pin the pockets properly so I skipped them.

Hemming was a nightmare, but using tracing paper helped a lot to get over the sherpa.

I also hemmed the sleeves instead of adding cuffs. I couldn’t stand sherpa at that point any more. Since I have rather short arms, I managed to make this fit without the cuffs.

My Castillo

No troubles with this pattern.

I’m the one who brought truobles with my choice of fabric.

I’m a bit concerned with fabric distorsion over time. Time will tell!


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