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A brand new Lagan coat

-a pattern by Itch to Stitch-

by Elsa

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The Lagan coat

Sewing a coat is a lobor of love. So many pieces to be cut, topstitching, installing sleeve head and shoulder pads, etc. It’s a long list of techniques. But it’s also rewarding.

I was lucky to have been a tester of the Lagan pattern back the,. It meant that all of the adjustments I needed had already been made! Have a look at my blogpost about the list of adjustments.

The fabric is wool blend. Rather lightweight and dry to to the touch.

I didn’t pre-wash it obviously, but I steamed it before cutting.

Instead of cutting on the fold, I traced my pieces in full and cut them with a rotary cutter.

Interfacing your pieces is tedious, but absolutely necessary. So be prepared! And wait for the pieces to cool before handling them.

A nice grey Lagan coat

Being a second project, it wasn’t a tricky project.

I hoped to sew some Spanish buttonholes like those, but I struggled and always got puckers on my samples so I went with traditional buttonholes.

I only sewed 4 buttons, because I had drastically reduced the overall length to suit my rather petite frame.

Test your buttonholes in the same condition as you will on your main fabric. With wool fabric layers+ interfacing, I had to lengthen and widen my zigzag to get the right size for my thick buttons.

Because it’s a rather lighweight fabric, I’ll wear this coat during mid-season or with a big ol’chunky knitted sweater underneath.

You can see it’s a bit wide on me. Probably because of 1. the fabric itself and 2. I’ve started a healthier journey and my whole body mass has changed since the adjusments. And I was too lazy (and hoped too much!) that it would be good!

The picture shows my Lagan worn over a Stan shirt. It was 30°C outside and I was melting!


It’s always a pleasure sewing Itch to Stitch’s patterns.

The fabric is really nice and easy to handle.

As an afterthougth, I should have sized down. I like my coats to be fitted. I will make do with a big sweater underneath!


Moxie Carol 2 October 2023 - 10 h 38 min

I love the way snap buttonholes look and have wanted to try them. Sounds like a practice, practice, practice (and it still may not turn out) technique. I love your coat.

Elsa 2 October 2023 - 10 h 42 min

I wanted to sew them so much, but my test buttonholes were ugly 😁. The thing is the stitches need to be so tiny I couldn’t even see them with the grey thread! And when I snapped the facing… Puckers everywhere. Regular bound buttonholes look easier now!



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