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Jumping into January with a turtleneck top

- Mixing 2 Itch to Stitch patterns-

by Elsa

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My wardrobe was sorely missing some slim-fit tops.

I had tested the Busan top* (it can be seen here), with its lovely statement sleeves and I had bought the Hepburn turtleneck top* a while before.

Hepburn+ Busan

The Hepburn size chart placed me in a 4 bust graded to 8 at waist and hips.

My rib knit* was rather lightwaight so I chose to cut a straight size 8 to prevent the fabric from stretching to me and be revealing.

So I cut the Hepburn paper pattern in size 8.

Then I just printed the neckline, shoulders, and sleeves of the Busan top; but, this time, I used a size 6 because of my usual narrow shoulders.

To get my Hepburn/ Busan top, I simply placed the shoulders of the Busan on top of the Hepburn’s and aligned the tip of the neckline. As simple as that!


I love the statement sleeves and the narrow shoulders.

That was also a great palate-cleanser after having sewn tricky projects like the Winterthur jacket or the Wayfarer sling backpack last December.

It requires stretchy knits widthwise because of teh slim fit and the turtleneck. Said tutleneck is a bit too far from my neck so next time, I’ll draw it as a trapezoid instead of a rectangle.

It’s the perfect winter staple and it will probably be sewn multiple times either as a Hep/San or a plain Hepburn.

I love mixing or hacking patterns, giving them a longer life-span.


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