A new Jalie sweater

A new Jalie sweater

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There are patterns I tend to sew again and again like Jalie #2795.

I’ve only sewn it once “as is”!

This time, I wanted a sweater with some modifications.

Jalie 2795

The pattern is for a zippered knit jacket.

veste Jalie 2795

A three-piece optional hood and welt pockets make the pattern a staple already.

I had sewn it traditionally for my daughter

And totally hacked it into a rain jacket for me.

Now, I wanted to hack it into a half-zip sweater.


I cut the front on the fold instead of cutting 2 front pieces.

Then, I got rid of the pockets by simply drawing a line on the outet of the pocket placement.

Since I didn’t want rib knit bands, I lengthened all the pieces of the bodice and lower sleeves.

You don’t like having the zipper pull right under your nose? Make a zipper garage as I did.

End result for a 2795 sweater

Fabric is a sweatshirt knit with fleece backing*. It’s rather stretchy in width (much less in length, fortunately, or we would end up with a sweater dress!).

The fleece back makes it extremely soft against the skin. It’s rather thick so, if making a zipper garage, you may want to use a lighter knit. I didn’t and it was thick at the zipper garage’s level.

I cut a straight size V and it’s comfortably wide. I added a bit too much length on the sleeves so I did faux cuffs.

While I was serging the sides, I thought it would be cute to add side slits. I thus hemmed the front and back independantly before stopping serging at about 6 cm from the edge. Then, using an Instagram tutorial, I added some twill tape to finish the slits. I would advise to use twil tape with a width superior to 1 cm.

I also stiched a Minerva label I got in my package. It adds a nice touch of color at the hem.

The collar seems to be too high. Next time, I’ll lower it and trace it closer to my neck. I really need to have my neck covered during the winter months!


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