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Causeway bomber, a new pattern by Itch to Stitch

by Elsa

Are you ready for a new awesome pattern by Itch to Stitch*??? The Causeway bomber*, that’s its name, has just been released and I learnt so much sewing it.

It’s not for the faint at heart, but you’ll be proud of yourself once done.

The Causeway bomber pattern

Let’s start with the obvious: it’s a lined jacket (underneath, you can get a glimpse of a Bonn shirt I made 2 years ago).

Causeway Bomber Itch To Stitch, La Casa Cactus

What’s less noticeable is that it can be made reversible!!!

AND there are invisibly-zipped pockets in the princess seams. “Invisibly-zipped”??? I don’t even know if that exists, but I like coining terms LOL.

The Causeway bomber* has all the features of a casual bomber jacket. Dropped shoulders, ribbing at the neckline, bottom, and cuffs, a large zipper, and (optional) pockets.

What makes a big difference for me is the princess seams. They shape the Causeway bomber* bust much better than any other bomber, eliminating that boxy shape I hate.

You can also choose your bust cup and the size range is rather great since it goes from size 00 cup A (perfect for my teenage girl or any petite person) to a curvy-lovely size.

My Causeway bomber

Kennis told us a while ago that she had a reversible bomber on her drawing board and to stock on reversible zippers since it was supposed to be tricky to find…

I had no troubles finding one (Ma Petite Mercerie has a nice stock), but I didn’t expect that shop to be short on black invisible zippers!!! I didn’t find 4 so I had to skip the pockets unfortunately.

Causeway Bomber Itch To Stitch, La Casa Cactus

I hesitated a lot on my fabrics. I had woollen, brocade, velvet, sateen, etc. I really did take time to assess how they paired.

The result was a combination of a black and white brocade from Lolie Shop I had already used for a jacket (here) paired with a sepia paisley lining* from Minerva. That lining is so different from any other lining I’ve ever had since it’s textured and not so light. Perfect for a reversible jacket.

Because my brocade had two sides that worked well together, I used the ‘wrong’ side for the side panels. It enhances the curve of the seams and adds a bit of fun to a rather traditional jacket.

I made a video to show you how versatile this bomber is.

Size and alterations

When checking the size chart, I noticed that I was a 8B bust, but a 10 waist and hips. After having checked the finished measurements chart, I decided to do a straight size 8, shortening 1/4″ at the top ‘shorten/lengthen’ line and 3/4″ at the bottom. I did no other alteration.

Causeway Bomber Itch To Stitch, La Casa Cactus

My brocade grew a bit during sewing and it caused troubles when installing the zipper. Otherwise, it was fun!

The instructions are really detailed and walk you through the insttalation of the zipper, the sewing of the pockets, and the clever way of putting the bottom band. Mind-blown!

This is by far one of the loveliest makes I made. I greatly enjoyed the sewing challenges. Can you believe that I did this jacket in less than one week, me, the procrastinator?

And I must say that the paisley side is my favorite. It would have gone unnoticed as a mere lining.

Causeway Bomber, La Casa Cactus

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