The Bonn shirt, ITS Blogtour

The Bonn shirt, ITS Blogtour

Bonn, besides being a German city, is also a a very nice shirt designed by our friend Kennis (Itch to Stitch).

You know my love for Kennis’ patterns. I tested about 15 of her designs…My favorite so far are the Nottingham Top (for Miss G and I) and I wear my Angelia shorts a lot during  summer.

When Crystal asked for ITS-addicted sewists, I applied. Kennis generously offered us a pattern of our choice and I picked the Bonn shirt. My wardrobe is really poor in me-made shirts.

You can also get your Bonn shirt at a discounted price today only (Sept.18). Only$9!


And you might win some awesome goodies too…


Bonn, the perfect shirt

In a classroom, Bonn would be that pupil, you know, the one who is shy but friendly, who knows all the answers, but isn’t bossy. This is Bonn. You can sew Bonns for the year-round look since it offers 4 sleeve options: long, short, 3/4, and 3/4 with a ruffle.

Bonn shirt, La Casa Cactus

Because fall is around the corner, I chose to sew the long-sleeve version out of this lovely embroidered cotton coupon I got on Les Coupons de Saint-Pierre website. This fabric was nicely waiting to be cut into the nicest shirt I ever made for myself.

Bonn shirt, La Casa Cactus


My Bonn

I used my first Bonn as a test for some bust apex and bust darts alterations. This shirt is why I wrote an article about bust pattern alterations!

I did my usual shortening of shoulder seams and torso length. I also cut a size 6  bust/waist blended to a size 8 hips. I still need to fiddle a bit more with my sway-back, but…


Bonn shirt, La Casa Cactus

First time I feel great in a shirt I made. It’s not boxy, it shows the right amount of cleavage, and it’s fitted as I like.

Bonn shirt, La Casa Cactus

Do not forget to check on the other bloggers’ great mades. You will see the beautiful garments they sewed.

Bonn shirt, La Casa Cactus

And the best for the end…a giveaway!! With amazing sponsors!

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