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A red gingham Mila shirt

by Elsa
Mila shirt-Itch to Stitch, La Casa Cactus

This is a pattern I bought a long time ago. I was attracted to the Mila Shirt because of the buttoned half-placket. Mila is not my first shirt by Itch to Stitch, but it’s good to change from the Bonn pattern, right?

I had this lovely red gingham cotton gifted by Minerva and I thought it would be fun to sew a red gingham Mila shirt.

Mila shirt-Itch to Stitch, La Casa Cactus

The Mila shirt

Loose-fitting with a box pleat at the center back, Mila* Can be sewn in lightweight fabric like poplin, lawn, or some flannel.

The button placket goes half-way from the top. Collar is traditional, with a collar stand.

Mila shirt-Itch to Stitch, La Casa Cactus

Two pleats shape the buttoned wrist. You can sew sleeve tabs to keep your sleeves folded.

Optional breast pockets are available, but I skipped them because I don’t like breats pockets.

The curved is  narrow hem. You may want to use a narrow hem foot, but the curve being rather sharp, a regular foot will work as well.

Mila shirt-Itch to Stitch, La Casa Cactus

My gingham shirt

Flashback… A few weeks ago, I sewed a Bonn in a nice viscose from Atelier Brunette. And I found that it was abit tight at the bust. It was a size 8 B cup, blended to a 10 for waist and hips. Before cutting the Mila, I decided to check my measurements ‘just in case’. Well, now I need a size 10 with a C cup! That explains why my poor Bonn was too tight.

So: CHECK YOUR MEASUREMENTS regularly. Our body shapes change over the years. I must confess that I checked 4 times afterwards, just in case I did wrong!

Mila shirt-Itch to Stitch, La Casa Cactus

I feel much better in a size 10 cup C, I can tell you! And what’s better is I don’t need to blend the sizes now.

The loose fit is intended, but I’m not used to it. I prefer form-fitting shirts.

I’d say that this shirt worked as a training shirt. I really want to improve my skills in sewing collars and cuffs.

What I find strange in this pattern is that very wide button placket.

I had to chop 7.5 cm from the total length. I also shortened my sleeves…but I shortened them too much. Sometimes, I should be more careful when assessing my short arms! Hence a wider cuff at the bottom of the sleeves and 2 buttons to compensate.

I like the gathers at the front yoke. All of the buttons come from my stash and are sewn using the button foot of the Janome 6700P. That’s a funny foot, I had never used one. Really easy.

Mila shirt-Itch to Stitch, La Casa Cactus

I think that this shirt is cute, but it’s not my style. I learnt a lot from sewing it, but I’m not sure I will wear it on a daily basis. However, it could be nice layered over a white turtleneck top.

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