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My best picks for Christmas 2020

by Elsa

Let me present you my best picks from Etsy for this Christmas season. I did it last year and that was so much fun.

I try to find new ideas and shops as far as possible and everything could be a great gift…for me!

Seing crush

Many cute and useful things for sewing can be found on Etsy.

For the craftsroom

Pattern weights are a must for me.

I like cutting my pattern pieces with a rotary cutter. These cute donuts would be a great addition in my sewing room.

Let’s have a look on that personalized measuring tape*.

I sometimes wish I had one in my purse.

Then really nice tin tabs engraved with” Made in France”* to be sewn on accessories like bags.

Something to sew

Since I was talking about bags above, here are two leather bag kits.

Having a kit is great when you start sewing something you’re not familiar with. Evrything’s included, you don’t have to source every other bit.

A lovelay plain leather tote bag. You choose the leather color, but you also choose the thread color. Very clever for a one-of-a-kind tote bag.

A second kit, but for a Cambridge style bag.  The bottle green is adorable. Very classical and chic.

“Practically perfect in every way”

One of the most famous quotations from the movie Mary Poppins. This is by far my favorite Disney movie.

Earrings*, perfect for a nice touch of magic.

Still thread-related, but not sewing, a Mary Poppins cross-stitch panel.

And what I think is the best gift for a Mary poppins lover: a clock made out of old vinyls.

I can see it hanging on my wall in the craftsroom.

So, that was my Christmas 2020 Wish List. If you haven’t found the perfect gifts yet, you can have a look at Etsy’s Christmas guide.

All of the products that have the asterisk * added after their names are made in France. Shop local!

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