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Disneyworld Chronicles, Day 4: Typhoon Lagoon and Magic Kingdom

by Elsa
Magic Kingdom, La Casa Cactus

Typhoon Lagoon is one the 2 water parks Disneyworld offers to visitors, the other one being Blizzard beach. When we were there, BB was on rehab’ so we only had the choice to experience Typhoon lagoon.

We are not addicted to water parks so we had no great expectations while visiting this park. And to top it all, it was a bit chilly…not a great morning to visit a waterpark!!!

We took a bus to Disney Springs then another one to Typhoon Lagoon. A rather quick commute actually. Now onto the locker…and you need a Visa/Mastercard there!!! We had left it in our room, but you can charge the locker on the room at the shop where a code is given to you. Phewwww!

OK, all set and ready, we went to the Wave pool. IMPRESSIVE! The boys ran into the water whereas we, girls, stayed safely tucked on the beach, with only a foot of water…but Miss G got sweeped off her feet by an ending wave and decided against staying there for the rest of the morning!!!

We then decided to use the lazy river. Very funny, but once in the shade, it was so cold!!! Once again, not the best day to swim…!

No pictures of TL since we had left our camera in our room. 2 hours after having scanned our Magic Bands, we called it a day in TL, after experimenting the family raft.

We went back to the hotel to get changed and off we go…to the Magic Kingdom.

Magic Kingdom Halloween The Halloween season in full swing!

Magic Kingdom, La Casa CactusBaseball and scarecrow! For us, French people, the epitome of Halloween in the USA!

It was 2.30PM and we were STARVING!!! We decided to get back to Columbia Harbour House we visited the day before because we really enjoyed food there. We all chose something different and we were promptly served (rush hour was way behind us!). We also had secured some FP+ for Haunted Manor, Cinderella and Friends and Pirates of the Carribean.

My husband was the main photographer during this trip so he usually stayed behind us and we lost track of him quite a number of times!!! Tell me about kids…lol!

The Teenager was delighted to catch Pokemons in the park, but I had to tell him (and his dad also) that this was a family trip so it would be good if we could do it TOGETHER!!!

Magic Kingdom, La Casa CactusGirls and shoes…

We were doing great, taking our time to soak in the atmosphere. Two weeks in Disneyworld really helped in taking things slowly and enjoying them at our own pace.

The boat was our next destination. Miss G wasn’t so pleased, but we thought it could be great…actually it was so hot out there…not the best move!

Magic Kingdom, La Casa Cactus

Time for our FP+ for Haunted Manor, one of our favorite attractions.

Hounted Manor, la Casa Cactus

Haunted Manor, La Casa Cactus“Ghost Aboard”!

Almost time to leave the Magic Kingdom since we have an ADR for dinner at the Polynesian Resort. Ohana, here we come!!!

Just before leaving, we “met” Agent Hopps on the way. She’s just a cutie, one of my all-time fav’.

Judy Hopps, La Casa Cactus

Magic Kingdom, La Casa CactusSunset on Magic Kingdom

We hopped onto the monorail, we were really ahead of time for our ADR, but there’s always a shop…so we spent some time there. We checked-in and in less than 5min the buzzer went off and we were seated.

Ohana‘s dinner is served family-style and it’s just a heap of food!!! We really enjoyed having dinner there and it was delicious. We went back to the Riverside with a full stomach.

Tomorrow is Disney’s Hollywood Studios‘ day, the only day I had planned there, but… 😉












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