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{New York City} The Brooklyn Bridge and the Intrepid Museum

by Elsa

The sky was so blue that Saturday that we changed our plan (which was visiting the American Museum of Natural History). Thanks to being jetlagged, we were up and ready and on our way to the Brooklyn Bridge at 0700AM!



Brooklyn and its bridge(s)

A rather quick subway ride and we were soon at the High Street Station. From there we already had a view on both Brooklyn emblematic bridges i.e. the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan Bridge. Two very different types of bridges, but so nice!

The Manhattan Bridge, with its distinctive metallic lace.


Manhattan bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge and its stone arches.


But, first things first…BREAKFAST! We found the local Starbucks (a very posh Starbucks!) and we sat on a bench between both bridges.

What a glorious day, one of my favorite moments: sitting in the sun with coffee and muffin in hand, watching joggers pushing strollers or walkers with their dogs (who were very interested in our muffins!).

We stayed there for a while then moved on. We didn’t see a lot of Brooklyn actually, but we enjoyed it so much that we might take time to explore it another time.


jane's carousel

From Brooklyn to Manhattan:

from BrooklynYou can read some lines of Walt Whitman’s poem “Crossing Brooklyn Ferry” on the railings.


manhattan from BrooklynA jogger took our picture! So nice of her!


We went back to the bridge, found the staircase easily and up we were! I advised my crew (husband included!)  to stay on the pedestrian lane.


It was so hot already, but what a pleasure to suck in the ambiance of the bridge. What a sight! The walk is just over a mile or so.


Once the bridge behind us, we noticed that it was still early in the morning so we chose to go and visit the Intrepid Museum.


The Intrepid Museum

We took the subway (line 4 to Grand Central then 7 to the terminus) and we got off at Hudson Yard, a brand new station amidst construction/reconstruction of a whole district.

We ambled down to the Hudson. Oh what a nice and sunny day to be close to the water. Lots of joggers/cyclists this morning (on their own lanes!).

The walk to the museum is short and we quickly saw some planes above trees!



Once again, our Explorer Pass came to be handy since we got our tickets on the express line.

For navy-, aircraft-, and submarine-lovers, this museum is a must-visit.

intrepidPicture taken by a nice Japanese family



We stayed quite a bit there and braved ladders (low clearance!) and even went into a submarine, the Growler.


By the way, before entering the Growler you must pass a test: going through a tiny door (so be small or flexible!). Take a look at Miss G in action…


We also saw the shuttle and the Concorde.


All in all, we enjoyed this visit a lot. A not-so-quick tour to the gift shop and we were back to the Tryp Wyndham for a rest. We chose to walk there under a scorching sun ( ouch…sunburns for me!). It was a rather quick walk, about 20mins.

A short pause and we were off for new adventures since it was only 0230 PM!

The Teen wanted to visit the Museum of Modern Art-MoMA, so off we went…to be continued in my next article!


Did your teens ask for visits while in New York (I must say that I didn’t see the MoMA coming!!!)?


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