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{New-York City Trip} Preparing our visit

by Elsa

New-York’s always been a dream destination for me. So when my husband told me to budget a 4-day trip there, I was more than ready!!!



-Where shall we sleep???-

Since I really had enjoyed our booking throughExpedia when we visited Disneyworld in 2016, I started looking for flights and hotels in New-York on this website. I wanted a hotel in Manhattan for our first stay there since most of our visits will take place in Manhattan. However, New-York, like Paris is extremely expensive and there are so many hotels on the market: from the “shared bathroom” (no, really!!!) to the “luxurious view on Central Park” (I wish we could afford a stay there!!!).

We eventually booked a room in the Garment District (yeah, fabric shops everywhere..it wasn’t intended.!!!).

All in all, I made dozens of simulations: through Expedia, flights+Hotel, flights, hotels etc. All in all, booking flights+hotel through Expedia was the less expensive for the four of us. I also wanted to be rather close to Penn Station because of the LIRR. So we’ll stay at the Tryp Wyndham for 6 nights. Yes, 6 nights because adding 2 nights cost us only $100 more for the 4 of us (we were flexible on our dates so leaving France on a Wednesday, returning trip on a Tuesday saved us a lot)!!!!



We will visit everything tourist-y in the New-York City area!!! Each of us wrote down what he/she wanted to visit: Ellis Island, American Museum of Natural History, MoMA, Brooklyn Bridge etc.


A rather long list that will be chopped off in my opinion!!!


But visits means money. Therefore, I spent some time on the Internet to look for bargains or, at least, to find a way to save some money. And I found the Pass system. The major ones are the New York City Pass, New York Pass and Explorer Pass. I’ll tell you more about them in another article.


-Walking? MTA? Uber?-

We are still uncertain about how we will visit the city. Walking, obviously, will be our main means of transportation. We will also use the subway system, but we really don’t know if we will buy the Unlimited 7-day Metrocard for each of us or a Pay-per-Ride Metrocard for the four of us. It will depend on our visits and how we group them. The whole program is not really set up.


I’ve already downloaded apps for this upcoming trip: MTA and Citymapper. They are fun to navigate and it’s a good way to grasp how the city’s transportation system works!



*   *


Have you ever been to New-York City? Any good plan for a teenage boy (aged14, FYI he’s the one who wants to go to the MoMA and the Met and if we have time, to the Guggenheim…) and a tween girl (aged 12, looking for cheap but cute clothing and make-up stores?) They do like visiting museums, but I’m pretty sure they would enjoy them more if these visits are interlaced with shoppping!!!

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