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{New York City} Financial District and Empire State Building

by Elsa

Battery Park was the place I left you. It was a really hot day, almost summery. We had no definite plan so we wandered in the Financial District.



But first, which movie features this buiding? (answer at the end of the article!).



Financial District

I really enjoyed stroolling teh Financial District with my Cartoville guide in hands. This little travel book is full of maps and it really helped us decide to walk from one point to another.

The Financial District was rather quiet in this early Friday afternoon.

A church??? Amidst the skyscrapers!!! What a sight!


The Financial District is rather enjoyable actually, especially when it’s so hot. Buildings cast their shadows on the streets and it was pretty nice.

We walked to ‘Reflecting Absense”. I was deeply sad at that point and we left rapidly.

A short stop at Jeff Koons’ Red Flower fountain. It’s so cute!.


We walked north to the City Hall. S O   M A N Y people on the Brooklyn Bridge!!! .

I was amazed to notice that most of the things we wanted to see were at walking distance. It was so nice to walk instead of taking the subway.


city hall

We had a look at the official/governmental buildings in the neighbourhood.


What is funny in New York is we were always looking up!


We started to be a bit tired so we decided to go back to the hotel for a rest. I can only advise to buy the unlimited MetroCard: so easy to just hop on a subway.

After an hour in our room, we left for a visit to the Empire State Building.


The Empire State Building

I wasn’t so sure about the queue at the ESB. I had read awful TR’s about the queue being soooo long….well, in April, at 5PM and thanks to our Explorer Pass, we had absolutely no queue at all.  They scanned our Explorer Pass and up to the top!!!



86th floor…I’m afraid of heights…I started my visit right in the middle of the room…then I slowly made my way to the windows…then got out to observatory.

The view there was amazing. You can really experience population density, various types of buildings, and the neverending building.

One World on one side…


…Central Park on the other side with the highest apartment building in Manhattan (with the most expensive flats too!).


Some golden roof…


…and a K-shaped building?


I’ll end this series of pictures (courtesy of my husband with his EOS 7D with one of my favorite buildings: the Chrysler Building.

chrysler building

Once down (and alive!!!), it was high time we had dinner (we never had lunch during our New York trip, just Starbuck-on-the-go early in the morning!). The kids really wished to eat at the Hard Rock Cafe’s, but it was crowded. We ended up at Bubba Gump’s, once again. Miss G wanted to have a look at the Disney Store so we spent almost one hour there while she was deciding which Ufufy she would like to buy (BOGO…we ended up with…12 Ufufy’s).

We were tired so decided to call it a day. We were tucked in bed at 9.30PM!!!

Since the weather forecast was “summery” for the day after and “winter-like” for the Sunday, we changed our plan and decided to take a stroll on the Brooklyn Bridge, early in the morning on Saturday.

Answer to the question: it’s the MIB’s entrance to their HQ!


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