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{New York City} From JFK airport to Manhattan

by Elsa
yellow cab

Even before booking our flights through Expedia, we had looked at the most convenient airport around New York. Obviously, booking a hotel and having absolutely no idea how to reach it from the airport and the cost of the ride would have been reckless in my opinion since costs can add up rather quickly with 4 passengers.

from JFK airport to Manhattan

We chose JFK because it was the most convenient for us and it really offers wide array of transportation means.

Here’s a quick guide about them.

JFK airport to Manhattan infographics

Finding the right transportation means is very personal actually since it depends on how many passengers you are, if you can/want to carry your luggage, etc. We didn’t make up our minds until the week before and we chose the taxi.

Now we know that our hotel is right next to a subway station that has a direct line to the Airtrain (but carrying our luggage down the stairs or around the crossroads to find the elevator might not be our first choice…!).


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