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{New York City} MoMA and Top of the Rock

by Elsa

The Teen really wanted to have a look at the paintings at the Museum of Modern Art-MoMA, as I said there. Why did he want to visit the MoMA, I don’t know why, but since the visit was included in our Explorer Passes so we went! I enjoyed how we could pick up some visits with the Explorer Pass. So easy. We will eventually visit some ‘non-cultural’ stuff thanks to it, as you’ll read later!


new york skyline


Museum of Modern Art-MoMA

The MoMA is in a nice and bright building. We didn’t prepare this visit so we didn’t know what we would see so we decided to focus on the 1880-1950 period.

It was just amazing to walk into a room where Van Gogh, Douanier Rousseau, pointilism, and others were present. The ‘Starry Night” is breathtaking. It was easy to navigate and it wasn’t crowded so we took our time to look at the paintings.

Very little pictures apart from those taken by Miss G.



We’re not into paintings or art whatsoever, so we stayed at the MoMA for one hour then left.

Since we were close to the Top of the Rock, we decided to go up and see New York from above.


Top of The Rock

Once again, the Explorer Pass saved us from long lines because the TOTR attracts lots of people, especially when the weather is nice. Do not forget to ask if there’s a special line for passes.

My ears didn’t enjoy the swiftness of the elevator!!! And look at the ceiling of the said elevator…it’s funny!



The wind blew really hard on the terrace and Josh and I felt as if we were rocking back and forth (tiredness?). It was so cold outside that we went back inside and waited there for my husband.

The Empire State Building is just perfect there.


Once back to the ground (!) and thanks to the indications of a nice New Yorker (who mistook us for Swedes…we already had been mistaken for Germans and Brazilians earlier during the stay!!!), we headed to the restaurant The Black Tap. Bad idea, it was crowded so we went to...Bubba Gump’s.

I cannot thank my Landry’s VIP card enough for making us skip the (long) line.  I got infuriated look from the other guests, but…What a blessing to not have to wait in line for at least 30min!!!

After dinner, we felt a sudden drop in temperature. It was so cold that we had to buy sweaters at the Bubba Gump’s gift shop to get back to the Tryp Wyndham!!! If the morning had been summery, the evening was rather ‘back to winter’!!!

Everyone took a hot shower and off to bed. Sunday forecast was “rain, cold, and wind”…


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