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Summer 2022 sportswear

- patterns by Jalie and Greenstyle Creations-

by Elsa

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Sport garments are not *that* easy to find (or are pretty expensive). I had already sewn some and found that I could alter them to my liking.

So I sewed a Jalie’s Bobbie t-shirt for warm-up paired with Greenstyle Creations’ Moxi shorts.

Bobbie and Moxi

Bobbie, the magical t-shirt

Bobbie is a pattern I had tested for Jalie, but only for my daughter.

I called it ‘magical’ because it has a built-in bra, called a ‘facing’ by Jalie designers. I say “bra”, but it’s more of a crop-top meant to hide the bra.

It requires stretch fabric with at least 20% stretch cross-grain. It also covers a wide range of sizes.

Moxi, vintage shorts

I had already sewn it with scuba and the added compression shorts underneath.

The contoured waistband makes it very comfortable. I can be sewn with strech wovens or stable knits.

Tiger Moxi!

Tiger heads are printed on this strech chambray*. I was not sure I would fit into my “true” size (according to the size chart) because of the stretch factor, so I sized up.

Well, I could have sticked to my true size.

I just pulled the elastic a bit tighter around the waist.

That’s a clever pattern in terms of design. I made my own binding too…I just hate that!

The outer waistband is ponte whereas the inner is power mesh.

I’m blue-da-ba-deee-Bobbie!

Only blues for Bobbie.

Fun fact: I didn’t read the mesh fabric description carefully. I thought it was very strechy whereas it wa stated 10% in its description.

Bye compression shorts, hello warm-up crop top!

I went the easy way: everything cut with my rotary cutter and unhemmed!

The bra is made in cotton jersey, a remnant from my Brisbane top.

I cut a size V to account for the lack of stretch, but I could have cut a size U because it’s an oversized top.

Here I am with a very cool set.

Now, I need new sports bras and I’ll sew some Coco bras (from Jalie as well). They are my favorites.


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