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Bobbie, Jalie’s magical V-neck t-shirt

by Elsa
Bobbie by Jalie, La Casa Cactus

MAGICAL!! Yeah, totally…MAGICAL! No Harry Potter magic though behind that tee, ‘just’ the wonderful designers behind Jalie Patterns! I’ve been one of the lucky Jalie testers for the past few months  and I had the privilege to test Bobbie, the magical V-neck tee.

So, let me tell you that Bobbie (Jalie #3880) is a tee that is quick to sew, elegant, cute, and fashionable. That’s the tee you sew when you have nothing to wear (see what I mean?!? I’m sure you can relate!).

It has a lovely dolman cut, it’s not too boxy, and you won’t have to cut multiple pieces!!!!

Bobbie by Jalie, La Casa Cactus


Why is Bobbie so different from other dolman tees???

OK, you see those nice dolman sleeves? They do have a nice opening on the side? Do you see any bra peeking??? NOOOOO!

No bra playing peekabo here. Thats the magic of the Bobbie.


Bobbie by Jalie, La Casa CactusStripes are matching…!


Bobbie has a kind of cropped tank underneath that hides everything that needs to be hidden, especially…the bra, blah! No bra showing as soon as you raise your arm. And you know how tweens/teens can be with bra showing.

The crop tank also acts as a kind of facing and it keeps the main fabric close to the body and it does not reveal anything at the front.

Bobbie by Jalie, La Casa Cactus


A tee for every lady

Jalie Patterns is known to offer a wide range of sizes, all of them being included. So don’t be surprised to see me wearing a Bobbie in the next few weeks.

Bobbie requires some lightweight knit fabric with a nice drape. I bought this fabric a while ago, from an e-shop now closed.

Since my coverstitch sometimes doesn’t like me my hems, I used some [amazon_textlink asin=’B001IKEOE4|B000YZAQJQ|B001IKEOE4|B000YZAQJQ’ text=’washable tape ‘ template=’ProductLink’ store=’lacasacactus-20|lacasacactus-21|lacasacactu0a-20|lacasacactu0e-21′ marketplace=’US|UK|CA|DE’ link_id=’42ba2c90-804b-11e8-af21-0fd26b2118ab’]before hemming.

Bobbie by Jalie, La Casa Cactus

She does look rather happy in her  Bobbie!!!


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