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Gustav Cardigan

by Elsa

Apart from knitting socks and Baable Hats, I had no experience en knitting cardis or jumpers. I really tried, but instructions usually put me off until I stumbled upon Fernand la Fabrique‘s IG feed. The small price of the pattern was a great incentive (4.90 euros) and I gave it a try with the Gustav Cardigan (instructions are only in French unfortunately).

I read the instructions thoroughly and was greatly pleased with them. Very clear and totally understandable for a newbie like me.

I bought Drops’ Bomull-lin (Kalidou webshop), I checked my gauge etc. Everything went smoothly, but one thing…I thought that all of my yarn were of the same hue…nope! I have a wide darker band…rookie mistake, lesson learned: even if they say “same hue”, always check!!!

I knitted the largest size (EU44) and got this pretty cardi, perfect for layering over a summer dress. Yarn is rather heavy once knitted and it’s not unpleasant, it gives a nice feel to the cardi BUT Bomull-lin is rather difficult to knit because of the multi-strands that tend to come apart. I also had troubles finding the right tension (I found it when I was knitting the sleeves…!).

I used Knit-Pro’s Knit Blockers and my children’s baby foam mat(!!!). I also soaked my cardi in Eucalan wash before blocking it. Perfect combo!

All in all, I really enjoyed this experience and bought other patterns. I’m knitting the Humphrey Cardigan at present and I’ll be knitting the Marcello Jumper next (and ‘Ill tell you the tale of Muffin the Cat and the Alpaga Yarn…).

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