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{DIY} A Creative Apron

by Elsa

With the first warm days, there’s work to be done in the garden so a new apron seemed to be the perfect project before anything else! My creative apron is doubly creative since you have to color it before using it!

Creavea provided notions and fabric for free in return for this tutorial and you can find a whole bunch of tutorials on the website.

So, let’s go and sew a creative apron!



90cm of [amazon_textlink asin=’B00TIXP6EU|B014I4BXY0|B000WFT9Z0′ text=’canvas cotton’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’lacasacactus-20|lacasacactus-21|lacasacactu0a-20′ marketplace=’US|UK|CA’ link_id=’f454a238-53a0-11e8-82c4-4d0811394d2a’] (or laminated fabric)

35cm of [amazon_textlink asin=’B016BSN72M|B015MEDS5M|B01GFU12G4′ text=’fabric-to-be-colored’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’lacasacactus-21|lacasacactus-20|lacasacactu0a-20′ marketplace=’UK|US|CA’ link_id=’687024b5-53a1-11e8-b406-ff652b1c6c13′] (like this one)

Fabric markers

Seam allowance is included and is 1cm


{Step 1}

Cut two rectangles in canvas (45cm by 25cm)

Cut two rectangles in canvas (35cm by 18cm)

Cut one rectangle in fabric (35cm by 10cm)

Cut one strip in canvas and another one in fabric (10cm by width of fabric)


{Step 2}

Color your fabric pieces!!!


{Step 3}

Hem the top of the fabric and pin this piece onto one of the smaller rectangles, wrong side of the pocket against the right side of the bigger pocket.

Baste in place (green on the picture) and sew widthwise (red on the picture)


{Step 4}

Right sides together, pin the second small rectangle on top of the pockets.

Sew along the left side and th top side, leaving the other sides untouched.

Clip the corner, turn on the right side and press. You can topstitch if you like.


{Step 5}

Place one of the large rectangles right side facing you then lay the pockets on top of it then lay the remaining rectangle over the rest, with right sides facing.


Stitch in place along the widths and bottom.

Clip the corners and turn on the right side. Press well.


{Step 6}

Stitch the pocket’s side.


{Step 7}

Right sides together, stitch along one length and the widths of the sash pieces.

Fold 1cm on the wrong side of the unsewn length.


{Step 8}

With centers matching, place your apron inside the sash, the raw edge of the apron along the raw edge of the fold. Edgestitch in place, catching all the layers.

You’re done!!!


Please feel free to share your aprons either by leaving a link in the comments or you can create a gallery on Creavea’s website.

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