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by Elsa

I never thought that knitting would bring me so much joy!

I may be a slow (very slow!) knitter, but I find the steps to knitting a garment so soothing, even if I make mistakes, even if I have to start again (and again…and again!).

With knitting I can be among my family whereas sewing puts me in my guestroom/sewing-room:laundry room…

Sewing is also more time-consuming to me. I don’t like stopping right in the middle of, say, a pocket or a waistband whereas I can stop knitting in the middle of a row and start again a bit later.

I’m so happy to be able to knit things for me (and for others too) apart from socks or hats.

I love wearing what I knitted (and a bit proud too…!)

Here’s I’m knitting a Humphrey Cardi whilst wearing my Gustav Cardi (I blogged about it here). I’ve got a thing for blue…

Knitting is soothing, especially when feeling the scrumptiousness of yarn. Drops Karisma is the yarn on my needles right now for Humphrey and I’m in love with the 1*1 ribbing. So soft, I can’t wait to wear this cardi.

I love learning new things and I felt a superstar when understanding how to knit the (future) pockets. I had a bit of a ‘bleh’ moment when I carried my yarn BEHIND my work but then, thanks to the magics of the Internet, I found the perfect video that explained everything to me.

I’m eager to go and find the loveliest buttons for Humphrey and then I’ll knit Sigrid (instead of Marcello because we’re going into summer, aren’t we?!?).

So the BIG question is: what color should I choose for Sigrid??? Oh, how I love asking this type of question (no black, my cats have white fur!)!!! A new project is always fun.




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