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Oh, sweet Juliet!

by Elsa

Dear Miss G really had a blast when she discovered our old CD’s…She instantly fell in love with a old French musical called “Romeo and Juliet” and sang one of the songs to the top of her lungs for days…!

Then, she looked on Youtube and instantly fell in love (again!) with the dress Juliet wore during the musical and asked for one a bit similar.

I knew that one of birthday gifts would be THE dress and, for once, I also knew what pattern I would use, since I had tested it a few years ago: Little Juliet, by Wild Lily and Lace (on Etsy).

I had also decided to use my stash (lightweight knit+lace)…job done and here’s my sweet Miss G in her Little Juliet Dress!

Those sleeves…*swoon*


Love you too, sweetheart!

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