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A video tutorial for the burrito technique

by Elsa

Being on lockdown is great for some of my blog articles that have been waiting for me to finish them.

I have already written about how I used the burrito technique to hide the seams of my Suun blouse.

Today, I’ll be showing you a video on how to do it.

The video is subtitled in English and I think that the pictures are rather clear to understand.

While I was sewing my Reversible Pouch tutorial, I did a mock-up and filmed it.

I think that the step when you turn the garment to the right side is the most stressful. I tried to capture it properly.

I chose two very different fabrics: the main is yellow and the lining is white with golden stars.

So if you prefer step-by-step photo tutorials, you can find the tutorial here.

If you prefer videos, the burrito video is embedded below or you can bookmark it on Youtube:

I’m a beginner in the video field, but I just love learning new things.

I made myself a “lockdown gift” with a subscription to  Power Director. I’ve already been using Cyberlink’s free mobile app and I really enjoy how it works. It’s super user-friendly. The one-year subscription is not expensive (about $79, but I got it at $50). I’ll cancel it if I don’t like it, but I doubt that…I enjoy using it a lot!!!

Burrito method

I hope that this video will help you understanding that technique better.

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