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A list of cute digital things for creators

by Elsa

Being a creator in the time of global lockdowns and shelter at home is hard, especially when postal services closed down almost all post offices. I know how hard it is since I’ve just started my translation business so I can relate.

Today’s article is all about cute things I have had on my Etsy list for a long time either because I’ve already bought in these shops or I plan to. These are only digital product to avoid the frustration of not being delivered. This article is part of a series of Articles initiated by Etsy to support small business owners. You can also have a look at the list curated by Etsy.

Sewing and Embroidery

Plush friends at Choly Knight’s

Oh my goodness, I wish I were 8 again!

Look at those 4 friends directly inspired by Harry Potter. Aren’t they the cutest? I belong to the Hufflepuff House so this little badger would be perfect on my desk.

There are dragons too. They fold on themselves into an egg. I took a walk down Memory Lane with those since I had a Popple in the 80’s that did the same! Do you remember how funny they were?

Then we would look great with our handmade witch hats, my daughter and I, for our next trip to Universal Studios (our trip report is here if you want to know more).

Embroidery patterns by Lolli and Grace

Those of you who have been reading me for a while know how I enjoy seeing those embroideries. I have already written about them, but this design is particularly beautiful.

Hand bags

Ah, handbags… this is one of my 2020 sewing projects. I’ve already sewn a coat (even if it doesn’t go out a lot…) and my main concern is the layers.

Niizo offers the  In Paris, a PDF pattern for a bag with 2 compatments. You can also order a kit with fabric and hardware.

But, in my opinion, the top designer for bags is  Swoon Patterns. I’ve already bought the Carter but I think that the Sydney messenger bag will be my next purchase. For now, I can’t sew a bag since every shop is closed in France and I absolutely have nothing a bag asks in terms of interfacings and hardware.

Digital papers

I’ve been using Illustrator a lot lately. I like to do things without bits of paper scateered everywhere! It allowed me to offer you my 2020 Calendar. Digital scrapbooking is in fashion and I found some cute and cheap digital papers online.

Ludmila Design has Disney-inspired papers. That’s a nice way to personnalize birthday party invitations and other cards (and it brings back memories from our trip to Disney World in 2016).

Glitter, glitter everywhere at Clip Art Creations’s.

This floral patterns by Patten Graphics would be great for next year’s calendar. I like how the navy blue pairs with the coral.

Here are some of my favorites. All of them are digital producst so you can order and get them instantly and carry on creating either on a sewing machine, by hand, or on a computer.

A list oF DIGital cuties

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