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Reversible pouch for makeup remover wipes

by Elsa
Pochette pour lingettes, La Casa Cactus

Reusable makeup remover wipes have been a hit lately. You can find here how to sew wipes and their basket and another taller basket. There’s also a tutorial on how to sew a lingerie bag.

Today’s tutorial is all about a little pouch. It has the right size for 4-5 wipes.

This small pouch is reather easy to sew, but ‘easy’ doesn’t mean featureless: all the seams are hidden making it reversible.

Let’s start with fabric and notions.

Fabric and notions for the wipes pouch

That will be a rather short list, a perfect stash-buster. You will need scraps of fabric about 15 cm by 15 cm (mine are from old tutorials for Creavea and Mondial Tissus) and you will also need the template below.

This pouch can hold square wipes of sidfe equal to 7.5 cm.


Sewing the wipes pouch

Step 1

Cut four pieces based on the template.

I chose the yellow fabric for the main and the white as the”lining”.

Pochette réversible pour lingettes

Stitch at 1 cm from the edge, with right sides together.

Pochette réversible pour lingettes

Press the seams open.

Step 2

With right sides together, pin the lining to the main.

Match the seams and sew at 0.5 cm from the edges of the opening.

Pochette réversible pour lingettes

Clim into the corners, to the seam line but not through it.

Step 3

Turn to the right side and press well.

You can topstitch the opening if you like.

Pochette réversible pour lingettes

Étape 4

Separate the main from the lining.

Then place one half of the lining against the other half, right sides together. Repeat for the main.

It’s a bit tricky, so I shot a video (subtitles are in English).

Stitch the main square. Repeat with the lining BUT LEAVE an opening at the bottom.

Clip the corners.

Clipping means cutting a diagonal line above the corner to minimize thickness and get sharp corners.


Step 5, take a look at your lovely pouch

Turn the pouch to the right side throught the opening left in the lining. It’s a bit fiddly (have a look at the video).

Push the corners and close the opening in the lining with some slip stitches to make them totally invisible or with your sewing machine.

Here is the cute little wipes pouch you can put in your handbag. And it’s also a great to decrease your scraps of fabric.

Pochette réversible pour lingettes

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