{DIY} A new basket

{DIY} A new basket

I told you that I would write the tutorial for another ype of basket for your homemade wipes. First, if you want to sew the wipes you can find the tutorial here and if you want to sew their washing bag, the tutorial is here.

This new basket is higher and can hold about 20 wipes.


Fabric and notions for your basket

2 squares of fabric, 40cm x 40cm (you may use Odicoat to waterproof your fabric cf.tutorial)

Thread, needle, interfacing if necessary, etc.

Very short list actually.



You will cut both your squares as instructed below:


Do as I wrote in the original tutorial but do not stitch the top yet.

Time to sew the slit

Mark the center on one of the sides and draw a rectangle around. The dimensions of the rectangle are up to you. The width should be between 1 and 2cm max whereas the length could be about 1/2 to 2/3 of the whole.



Stitch around the rectangle.


Now cut precisely the center of the rectangle and the V (in blue on the drawing). Get very close to the points of the V without cutting into the seamline. You should get something like that:


Now you can get back to the initial step to carry on your sewing.

Once the basket has been topstitched you can hand sew tiny stitches to get the little ‘collar points’ behave and stay down.

Here’s your new basket! Not so tricky, isn’t it?

Lingettes removers DIY, La Casa Cactus


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