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{Test} Hermosa Shorts, Itch to Stitch

by Elsa
Hermosa shorts, La Casa Cactus

Since summer is around the corner, time to sew shorts to get some tan on our legs. So what’s better than sewing Itch to Stitch‘s latest release, the Hermosa Shorts?

I’m completely remodelling my wardrobe and I have three main projects: underwears, pants/shorts, and a winter coat. Underwears are done (see my lovely bras here and there). Pants and shorts are a bit more time-consuming, but so worth it. The winter coat? Well, nowhere near the starting line, lol!

Let’s get back to the Hermosa Shorts pattern.

Hermosa shorts


The pattern of the Hermosa shorts

The pattern is a layered pattern and it offers three lengths (short, medium, and long).

You can choose your front closure: either a zippered one or a buttoned one.

Front and back patch pockets give plenty of space to stock things.

The legs are fitted, but comfy.


Hermosa Shorts, La Casa Cactus

The contoured waistband hides two extra flat buttons on the inside. These are high-waistband shorts that should reach the natural waist (which seems to be rather high on me).


My shorts and alterations

According to the size chart, I chose to sew a straight size 10, medium length, buttoned front. Once my muslin done, I noticed quite a lot a fabric pooling under my butt, something I’ mused to, but I had never managed to understand how to modify.

Until then, my go-to alteration was to do a Flat Butt Adjusment, but with no real success.

This time, I decided to do a Full Butt Adjustment and I must confess it was the right thing to do.. I also wanted to modify the front a bit, But Kennis warned me about over-fitting: we need to move in our garments and wrinkles there will be!


Hermosa Shorts, La Casa Cactus

I added a small swayback alteration and voila, I was done.

An ITS total look with my most-used ITS pattern: the Nottingham Top. I cut a size 6 because that slub jersey has a lot of stretch (bought on Alltissus.com). This slub jersey was really nice to sew (but a real pain to cut so my advice is to use a rotary cutter when cutting slinky lightweight knits). I could even have cut a size 4 length because it’s rather long on me due to that 75%+  stretch.

Hermosa Shorts, La Casa Cactus

The dark denim comes from les Coupons de Saint Pierre. Very little stretch in it, even if it was sold as 20% stretch. I was a bit disappointed, but Hermosa saved it.

Hermosa Shorts, La Casa Cactus

I also used my beloved Bonn shirt (you can see it better here). My teenage son, who’s my personal photographer told me: “it looks like straight from the Forties” I don’t know how to understand that comment, but I like that look.

The Forties, really?


Hermosa Shorts, La Casa Cactus


This pattern can be worn paired with quite a lot of Itch to Stitch awesome patterns. Here are some you can have a look at:


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