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The Ruched Tee, this summer’s top tee

by Elsa

Every single year, Miss Teen has a favorite type of tee. Last year was a boho off-the-shouder top with ruffle. This year is a ruched top she bought at Jennyfer’s. When I saw it, I knew that Ellie and Mac had the very same pattern: the Ruched Tee.

Ellie and Mac offers a nice range of patterns, such as the Cold Shoulder Top with the pineapples I sewed her earlier this year (or late last year, I can’t remember!). I got the Ruched Tee for a mere $1 during a Wacky Wednesday, when some patterns are only at $1. Perfect timing!

I benefited from a sale on 3m coupons from alltissus.com and she chose an extra soft coral cotton jersey.



The Ruched Tee

The Ruched Tee is aimed at women and as such, it is not meant for young teenagers (she’s 13). Hence a bunch of easy modifications.

You can sew the casings at the front or at the back (or no casings at all). If you want side ruches, you may like the Sienna top by Sinclair Patterns (this one is on my to-do list for me and for her).

A nice V-neck and different lengths (from crop to tunic) and fit are offered (fitted or relaxed). You also have the options on no-sleeve or various sleeve lengths.


Ruched Tee, La Casa Cactus


Alterations for a 13-year-old girl

Even if size XXS would be great for Miss G, she would have ended up with way too much cleavage show!!! So I modified the V-neck by raising it 3″. I also raised he back a mere 1″ to balance the steep increase at the front.

I chose to sew the crop version with 1″ added to the sides. Actually, that length is between the crop and the t-shirt length.

The Ruched Tee is extremely quick to sew. I enjoyed sewing the nice binding at the neckline. I love my Janome coverstitch for hemming and topstitching knits.. Since I had modified the neckline, the length of ribbing didn’t apply anymore so I winged it by slightly pulling the binding while sewing and it’s PERFECT.

This cotton jersey has a lot of negative ease so next time I’ll use it, I’ll sew a size up.

She wants a sleeveless one now. I already know what modifications I’ll need to cover that belly when the ties are knotted…but I think that’s precisely what attracted her to that pattern!! She can stillwear it to highschool when the ties are not knotted too high 😉

Ruched Tee, La Casa Cactus



Ad for the ruched tee


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