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Ellie and Mac’s Cold Shoulder Top

by Elsa
Cold Shoulder Top, La Casa Cactus

Cold shoulder tops have been the new IT tops for the past few months. I had already made my DD one, but she wanted another. Instead of sewing the exact same top, I took advantage of Ellie and Mac‘s Wacky Wednesday where patterns are offered at the bargain price of $1 and bought the Lady Cold Shoulder Top. There exists the child’s Cold Shoulder Top, but Miss didn’t like the wide straps, too ‘tank-strap’ in her opinion.

I sewed this top in the early Fall, but I had not documented it yet!


Cold Shoulder Top, La Casa Cactus


Ellie and Mac’s Cold Shoulder Top

I chose to buy the women’s top because Miss G can wear the XXS size according to the measurement chart.

This pattern offers a banded top, a tunic with ruched sides, and a dress. You can also sew 3 different sleeve lengths.

Miss G wanted to wear it ASAP so we sewed the long-sleeve version.


Cold Shoulder Top, La Casa Cactus


Her top

I traced the XXS and placed the pieces against her to modify the length. She wanted something between a top and tunic length, but without the ruches at the sides.

The fabric she chose is just extraordinary. I found it online (123cousez). What’s funny is that this shop is not far from home so I could purchase online and get my fabric at the lady’s home!!! No delivery fee and also a great way to assess the fabric!

I thought that she would love the multicolor unicorns, but the golden pineapples on a grey background stole her heart…and she was right. Gorgeous fabric!


Cold Shoulder Top, La Casa Cactus

The only donwside of sewing a ladies’ top is the deep front neckline. Actually, she will wear this top back to front!!!

Next top will have a raised front neckline!!!




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