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My Christmas wishlist on Etsy

by Elsa
Christmas wishlist

It’s that time again when everybody asks you “What do you want for Christmas?”. I have made a small compilation of what I’d like to have. Most of it is sewing-/crafting related, but you can be sure that’s something I really need/want! I often use Etsy as my main supplier for anything sewing/crafty-related because there are so many cute things.


Some patterns and sewing kits for Christmas

Lingerie is one of the few things in sewing I’ve never tried so havong some patterns and some notions would be great as a starter point.

Christmas wishlist

  1. Orange Patterns, Marlborough Bra
  2. Ohh Lulu Patterns, Cindy longline bra
  3. Orange Patterns, Mystic Bra

Some kits are available too so that’s a good point when you don’t really want to buy too many ‘new’ notions.

Christmas wishlist

  1. Les dessous d’Anna
  2. Merckwaerdigh
  3. Merckwaerdigh

Starting hand embroidery

I used to do some cross-stitch when I was younger  (so…a long time ago!), but patterns were a bit old-fashioned and I stopped. However, I’ve seen a lot of very cute hand-embroidery designs lately. So now I want to try and add some to the walls of my craftsroom.

Christmas wishlist

  1. OhSewBootiful, kit
  2. LolliAndGrace
  3. LolliAndGrace

A bit of bling for Christmas Eve

Earrings are the jewels I love the most, but I loved seeing that tape bracelet pops up in my feed! Such a nice sewing-related stuff to wear on an everyday basis.

Christmas wishlist

  1. BronzeNRoses
  2. FeltFusion
  3. BronzeNRoses

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