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{Sewing Techniques} The burrito technique

by Elsa
burrito technique

I just don’t like sewing by hand so I use the burrito method a lot. The last time I used it was when I tested the lovely Suun blouse for designer pm-patterns. Every time a top is lined or has a lined yoke, I use the burrito technique.

I’ll show how I sewed a new Suun blouse and used that technique.

The main fabric is a marbled microfiber whereas the back yoke is dotted viscose. Much more easy to visualize! Both fabrics are from Les Coupons de Saint Pierre.

EDIT: There’s a video if you prefer


Don’t change a thing!

You will proceed as instructed until you reach the yoke assembly.

Let’s start our burrito

Baste the main yoke to the back, with RST.


Then place your yoke lining with its right side against the wrong side of the back.


Sew the 3 pieces together.


Note: You can sew the 3 pieces in one step, but my fabric was very slippery so I preferred basting the main.

Grade your seam allowances.

EZ-PZ, your seam is invisible.

But it’s not over yet…

Let’s roll that burrito

This step is rather weird when sewn the first time, but you’ll see it really makes sense afterwards!!!

Baste the front shoulders to the MAIN back shoulders. DO NOT BASTE THE LINING.


Now, place your garment as shown below (it will be easier for you).


Let’s roll the burrito!

The front part will be rolled up, the back part will be rolled down, BUT DO NOT TOUCH THE YOKE LINING (once again!).


Match whatever markings you have on your pattern (center back, shoulders, etc.) and sandwich your two rolls inside the yokes. That’s really weird :mrgreen: 

Now is the fun part: you will now sew your yoke shoulders together and your neckline. Be extra careful there. Do not catch anything else than your neckline/shoulders. I use a lot of Wonder Clips at that step!


You can breathe!

Now is the time to unroll your burrito.

It’s easy: delicately pull the rolls and…


VOILA-drum rolls-fireworks-happy smiley…!


You will obviously press your garment before proceeding to the other steps like sleeve sewing etc.

I hope that this technique tutorial will help you in mastering the burrito method. This is a Suun blouse I sewed for these pictures, but this technique can be used on any garment where a yoke lining is involved!!!

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