Some new skorts

Some new skorts

For our upcoming trip to Florida, I sewed myself some skorts (a skort is a skirt with added shorts underneath). In 2016, for our visit to Disneyworld, I had already sewn skorts and was really happy them. I had sewn 5 out of 4’s Adventure skorts.

This time, I bought Thread Faction’s Skort #203 because of its size range and multiple options.


Skort #203

I’ve come to that sewing stage when every time I sew a new pattern, I muslin it. I was right because this skort is really (really really!) short. I tend to prefer my skirts to hit just at the top of my knee so mid-thigh was a big no-no for me (except for yoga practice).

A size XL was spot-on. I used Alltissus’ polo knit for the kirt and Tiaknight’s Airtex mesh for the shorts.

Skort 203-Thread Faction, La Casa Cactus


I added about 4 1/4″-10cm at the skirt and used  4″-inseam shorts.

Skort 203-Thread Faction, La Casa Cactus


Summer 2019 skorts

My plan is to have 4 skorts for a 8 day-trip. I bought one and I have sewn 3 #203. I may sew another Adventure skort (but longer) because I’m disappointed in the store-bought skort.

First skort is the pleated one with the back zippered pocket. I have no use for a zipperred pocket, but I wanted to sew one for the fun…! The front skirt is the plain straight option. For the pleated back, you will need a fabric that holds pleats well. The polo knit has the perfect weight and drape.


Skort 203-Thread Faction, La Casa Cactus

Said pocket. I tried to diminish the thickness by using Airtex for the pocket, but it’s a very slippery fabric and it doesn’t like heat. I didn’t have interfacing for fragile fabrics so my pocket is a bit wavy.

Skort #203, La Casa Cactus


Non pictured: another pleatd skirt, without pocket, out of black milano.

My third skort is the flounce skirts, front and back. I love it! It could even be the perfect everyday skirt without the shorts underneath.

Skort 203-Thread Faction, La Casa Cactus

With all of theses skorts, I’m ready to tackle all of Universal Studios-Orlando’s rollercoasters!


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